Aluminium Casement (REYNAERS)

Reynaers CS68 Aluminium Window system: a combination of optimal insulation levels and safety.

The Reynaers CS68 window offers a thermally improved three-chamber system that boasts the optimum combination of high insulation levels and optimal safety.

The system is available in a variety of aesthetic shapes to match current architectural styles whilst offering all types of both inward and outward opening windows. Double butt strips between the frame and vent and lowered drainage ensure superior wind and water tightness. The ability to specify a different colour inside and out means the CS68 is a truly versatile system that can be specified to compliment almost any home, be it of a traditional or contemporary design.

All of our windows come with a standard glass specification of 4mm thick toughened outer, 20mm thick argon filled cavity and 4mm thick toughened inner with Low E coating, giving a ‘u’ value of 1.2 w/m2k.This specification allows the introduction of magnetic operated blinds within the cavity of the double glazed unit should you wish. Other glazing specifications are available if required – speak to one of our engineers for more details.

Sealed glass units incorporating integral blinds are the perfect glazing option for a wide range of situations where an unobtrusive blind is needed. Sunshade Blind Systems are ideal for use in conservatories and invaluable in commercial premises or any settings where low maintenance and hygiene are priorities. Choose from either a Venetian or Pleated blind totally enclosed inside the cavity of high performance insulating glass sealed units, making them dust, allergy, & maintenance free. With over 15 colours to choose from and delivered within 4 weeks from order, Sunshade Blind Systems offer all the benefits of blinds without any cleaning and maintenance chores.