Vision plus

Minimalistic sliding system specially suitable for large dimensions, which allows to have the maximum luminosity with the minimum visible section of aluminium, and makes possible to cover great openings with a glass surface of 94%.

  • maximum glazing of 54mm ( tripleglazed ) with acoustic insulation up to 43dB
  • Uw=0,9W/m2K
  • Maximum sliding sash size 4m x 4m and weight up to 
    • 400kg for manual operation
    • 700kg for motorized operation

Its extraordinary glazing capacity allows to place glasses of up to 54 mm thickness which guarantees the best acoustic and thermal performance in a system with these characteristics.

It is available in configurations of fixed and sash, 2 and 4 sashes, and the maximum dimensions are 4.000 mm/sash width / height.

It has a visible section of just 25 mm and the possibility to inlay totally the bottom, lateral and top frames.

It counts with the possibility of motorized opening for weights up to 700 kg, and manual opening for up to 400 kg. Additionally, it allows to place multipoint lock systems by operating rod, with or without key.

The rollers are placed in the frame, and the sashes count with a stainless steel reinforced channel which makes the sliding movement smoother.

That is a system with a traditional procedure of assembling with a perimeter frame, 45 degree cut; and straight cut in the sashes, which allows to disassemble the sash in case of break of the glass, imperfection in the aluminium profile…



Uw from 0,9 (W/m2K)

Please consult typology, dimensions and glass

Accoustic insulation

Maximum glazing: 54 mm.

Maximum accoustic insulation Rw=43 dBA


Possibility of dual colour
Colour powder coating (RAL, Mottled and rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating

Standard colours

RAL 7016RAL 7016
RAL 7021RAL 7021
RAL 9005RAL 9005
RAL 7035RAL 7035
RAL 7040RAL 7040
RAL 9010RAL 9010
RAL 9003RAL 9003

All our VISIONlight windows are internally beaded for enhanced security

All windows have 22mm double glazed unit with a U-value 1,0W/m2K and in standard comes with low emission coating

Within required by Building Regulation areas included is safety glazing

We also offer additionally ranges of coloured, toughened, laminated glass for extra security. Some other available glass options:

  • Tripleglazed units for sound reduction and energy efficiency
  • Acoustic
  • Solar control
  • Self cleaning
  • Digital print units
  • Ornamental

    Gallery of ornamental glass types

    Travertino brownTravertino brown
    Silvit brownSilvit brown
    Point SPoint 5
    Master RayMaster Ray
    Master PointMaster Point
    Master LigneMaster Ligne
    Master CarreMaster Carrey
    Listral KListral K
    Kura brownKura brown
    Kura clearKura clear
    Kathedral yellowKathedral yellow
    Kathedral MaxKathedral Max
    Flutes sandblastedFlutes sandblasted
    Float matFloat mat
    Delta matDelta mat
    Chinchilla brownChinchilla brown
    Antique brownAntique brown
    Altdeutsch brownAltdeutsch brown
    Altdeutsch clearAltdeutsch clear